POINT3 launches to support people and business with health and wellbeing programmes

Through a range of events, classes, talks and consultancy services that help people re-evaluate their approach to total wellbeing

LONDON — 3 July 2018 — POINT3 Wellbeing is a newly formed wellbeing company that provides a simple and sustainable approach to managing mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing at home and in the workplace.

POINT3 Wellbeing has created a unique range of products and services focused on personal and corporate wellbeing – designed to help people understand the combined importance and benefits of movement and mindfulness to wellbeing, and the impact people’s lifestyles could be having on their overall health.

Through a mixture of events, classes, talks and consultancy, the company provides ideas and insight to inspire people to move more and be more mindful, in turn improving people’s focus and productivity, health and wellbeing, and overall work-life balance. The signature class HIIT+CHILL begins with a high intensity interval-training workout and ends with a relaxing mindfulness session – combining movement and mindfulness into one powerful class for both mind and body.

The company has been set up by Sarah Mayo, Nicky Morgan and Siôn Stansfield, who first met while working for an events and experiential marketing agency. All passionate about health and wellbeing, they have harnessed this passion along with their collective experience of over 45 years working in the corporate world to build a business with the mission to help people stress less and smile more.

During this time they have seen the pace of business – and stress levels – rise at a rapid rate. With the corporate world demanding ever more, they recognise that it is critical for business to better support the wellbeing of their employees. This is backed by “The Thriving at Work” report, commissioned by the Government in 2017, which estimates the cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole at between £74 billion and £99 billion per year. It also highlights that every year an estimated 300,000 workers are leaving their jobs on account of a mental health related issue.

The events industry itself was voted the fifth most stressful industry in a recent survey, and this event management background, along with skills in employee engagement, talent management, client services, marketing, clinical hypnotherapy, fitness instruction and nutrition gives the three founders a unique perspective to advise and assist people and companies with their wellbeing.

Sarah Mayo, co-founder, POINT3 Wellbeing says, “Movement and mindfulness are the foundational principles of POINT3 Wellbeing. Regular practice in both can have a dramatic impact on people’s health and happiness. POINT3 Wellbeing combines the two into one, so it is more sustainable for people who are juggling life’s many commitments. Through our work we aim to educate and energise people to improve focus, productivity, creativity, overall health and wellbeing, and relationships.”

Nicky Morgan, co-founder POINT3 Wellbeing comments, “I’ve long been fascinated with the mind and how it affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We have created POINT3 Wellbeing with the simple mission of helping people to stress less and smile more. This starts with the mind, and having a desire and motivation to choose a healthier lifestyle. Our range of products and services help with goal setting, and with finding the right balance of movement and mindfulness to see improvements day-to-day.”

Siôn Stansfield, co-founder POINT3 Wellbeing adds, “For many years I’ve been interested in physical fitness and the impact the mind has on how the body performs. Along the way I’ve adopted certain tools and techniques to help me perform at my best. Much of this is built into what we offer at POINT3 Wellbeing. We each bring our own experience of working in highly pressurised positions over the years, and the tips we’ve picked up along the way to manage this pressure.”