Goal Setting for Success

Welcome to the first week of your 12 week programme! Week one is about setting you up for success when it comes to achieving the goal(s) you set for this programme.

For something to become habitual we need to repeat it over and over again. In so doing we actually create new neural pathways in our brain that become more and more trodden, which means we are more likely to follow them.

Be inspired!

3 minute read

Setting goals is good for our wellbeing. When you set goals, know that the process or the journey won’t always go to plan, but the experience of challenging yourself and learning along the way will be fulfilling and rewarding in itself. So, when setting your goal for this programme, shift the daily focus away from the end result, on to the process and journey in order to get the best results, and the best satisfaction.

Read our article on ‘Goal Setting For Success’ here to pick up valuable advice to help you achieve your goal(s) in life and over the next 12 weeks.

11 Minute Challenge

Movement + Mindfulness are both natural antidotes to the build up of every day stress… yet we need to build both consciously into our day, as modern day living has removed them.

Research suggests as little as 8 minutes of vigorous exercise a day improves our overall health. Research also shows that as little as 3 minutes of daily mindfulness practice will help calm the mind, reversing the effects of daily stress… not to mention all the other benefits.

Our 11 minute challenge is a great way to build a bodyweight workout and a mind work-in into your busy day… ideal if you’re travelling, don’t want to go to the gym, or need to do something, but don’t have much time.

Our first 11 minute challenge of the programme is focused on laying the foundations for the next 12 weeks…

Watch the video below for the full workout and work-in. This week’s exercises will work all the major muscle groups, whilst getting your heart rate up. Finish with 3 minutes of our guided relaxation to focus the mind and bring calm throughout the week.

Try to build this short workout for mind and body into your plan at least 3 times this week.

We hope you enjoy this week’s content. Do share your progress by tagging us with #MoveMoreMindfully on Instagram or via email to be_well@point3wellbeing.com.