Week Eight – Community Matters

Community Matters

Welcome to week eight of the 12 week programme.

Week eight is about reminding us of the importance of community – at work and beyond.

Research suggests that individuals who feel a sense of security, belonging and trust in their community have better health. Take time this week to connect with others and reach out to that person you’ve been meaning to for a while.

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3 Minute Read

If staying healthy is top of your agenda, you’re probably keen to keep fit and eat well. But according to research by Vivek H. Murthy, former Surgeon General of the United States, isolation and loneliness pose a greater threat to our health than obesity, and their life shortening effects are comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

11 Minute Challenge

Week eight of the 11 minute challenge builds on the foundations laid in the first half of the programme…

This week’s programme returns to the first series of exercises from week two… tune in and note your progress over the last six weeks. Finish with 3 minutes of our guided relaxation to focus the mind and bring calm throughout the week. Try to build this short workout for mind and body into your plan at least 3 times this week.

We hope you enjoy this week’s content. Do share your progress by tagging us with #MoveMoreMindfully on Instagram or via email to be_well@point3wellbeing.com.