ENERGISING CLASSES for mind and body

Our workouts combine movement and mindfulness and have been scientifically designed to help reduce stress and re-engage focus.

At typically 45 minutes long, these classes have been designed for those on a busy schedule – the optimum length and benefit for healthy hearts and minds – ideal for both in or out of the workplace.

Choose from the following four experiences. We can also offer other bespoke movement+mindfulness sessions.


Stretch both the mind and body in this session designed to give greater focus and dynamism in thoughts and movement. A combination of dynamic and developmental stretching to increase mobility and lengthen the muscles which get tight, short and weak as a result of sitting at our desks all day. The stretch is followed by a body-scan and mindfulness session.


The ultimate interval workout for mind and body. We will get heart rates soaring into the burn zone, before bringing them back down to resting in the chill-out zone. A high intensity interval training workout that is suitable for all fitness types followed by a relaxing mindfulness session.


A guided, mindful walk around a specific location (ideally deep in nature). The session is split into two halves with the first half focused on noticing the surroundings – the sounds, sights and smells of the environment. The second half of the walk will focus on the sensations of the body while it moves.


Let the mind run free during this (typically) 5k run. We will take participants on a guided run around a specific location, suitable for all levels of runners. During the second half of the run we look to encourage mindfulness techniques, where the runners focus either on their breathing, the movement of their body, or the surroundings. As with all our sessions the run will end with a relaxation session.

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