Guided Relaxations for the mind

Deep relaxation of the mind is something we rarely give ourselves in our hectic day-to-day lives – and next to never in the workplace.

We have three standard work-ins which all have their own unique relaxation properties and benefits. We can also create bespoke relaxations to fit a theme or time of year.


Pure relaxation for the busy mind. We take the audience on a relaxing experience aimed at helping the mind to unwind and let go of unnecessary tension. Think of this as a massage for the mind – the audience will leave the session feeling relaxed and revived.


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Using guided visualisation, we will take the audience on a guided “inner retreat” – enabling them to relax and reconnect with themselves. An enlightening experience that could lead to those elusive “a-ha” moments.


This is the ultimate session to set the mind up for success as you approach new goals, targets and life changes. We will take the audience on a guided mind journey that will help to fine tune their intentions and embed them into their own unique neural pathway. The audience will leave the session feeling relaxed, inspired and motivated to fulfil all that they set out to achieve.


If you would like further information or to hold one of these sessions, please get in touch.