POINT3 Wellbeing Testimonial

Variety is the very spice of life

Said William Cowper…

Learning new information or points of view is not only useful for our personal development, but research shows it can also improve our mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Learning can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, help build a sense of purpose, and help us connect with others.

If you eyes are opened you'll see the things worth seeing

In the following section the POINT3 founders share their favourite sources of wellbeing content from “other media”… we hope you find these interesting and look forward to your thoughts.

Nicky recommends…

#1 Guided meditations by Jason Stephenson.


Guided Meditations to help you find the inner calm within.

Why I like it:

Sometimes I like to be transported out of my own head and I find listening to Jason’s guided meditations a great way to do this. A quick search on YouTube and you’ll find a treasure trove of guided meditations varying in lengths and subjects to help relax, guide into sleep, find inner wisdom and peace.

This recommend comes with a caveat that he can get a little bit “out there” but if you’re open minded when it comes to meditations and like the thought of being taken on a spoken journey – these are definitely worth a try!

#2 The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown.


Brené Brown studies human connection – our ability to empathise, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.

Why I like it:

This Tedx Talk catapulted Brené Brown into the spotlight and her work on vulnerability, shame and courage is now a global sensation. Brené is a researcher at heart, so her work is grounded in science and studies and shares universal truths on the science + art of what it takes to live “wholeheartedly” with much emphasis on leadership at home and in the workplace.

This talk provides a great 20 minute entry point to Brené’s work. And if you’re anything like me you’ll get hooked!

#3 The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks.


Joe Wicks otherwise known as “The Body Coach” is a British fitness coach, TV presenter and author, specialising in cooking and fitness books.

Why I like it:

He will no doubt be on your radar already but he’s made it onto my recommends for the simple reason that Joe’s instagram posts have on more than one occasion inspired me to create a quick, healthy meal from scratch when I would have otherwise reached for a convenience meal + he gets me moving in my living room.

He’s also doing incredible things to help keep our little people moving + eating well at this current time – and that’s worth the shout out!  

Siôn recommends…

#1 The Ten Percent Happier Meditation App.


Get better at feeling good. Learn to meditate with the world’s top mindfulness experts.

Why I like it:

This app is absolutely brilliant. It not only provides you with a huge library of meditations, categorised into teachers, subjects and duration, but it also provides lovely upfront videos which give you with a greater understanding behind the ‘why am I doing this’.

I also love the small gamification elements – number of minutes and days meditated, current streak of days meditated which really play into my slightly competitive mindset.

They have put together a special Coronavirus Sanity Guide and are offering free access to the app for health workers.

#2 Urban Kitchen by Toral Shah.


Toral focuses on the role of diet and nutrition in the prevention of disease, particularly cancer. Her mission is to help people enjoy delicious food every day – whilst ensuring they receive the appropriate health benefits from her personalised approach.

Why I like it:

I know Toral personally. Her energy and vibrancy are absolutely electric and she is so passionate about the importance of nutrition to help support you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

She is not only a highly respected doctor and author (download her free e-book with cancer beating recipes) but she, and her mother, are both cancer survivors. She puts on workshops, writes for numerous papers and has a visually stunning and inspiring instagram account. Check her out.

#3 Zoom (or your favourite platform for staying connected at the moment).


Virtual meetings from anywhere in the world off any device.

Why I like it:

In these uncertain times of social distancing having the opportunity to connect with my team, my family and my friends on a call that allows us to feel like we are in the same room is so powerful.

Platforms like Zoom, that allow multiple people to speak, see and feel connected are enabling us to still maintain that closeness that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. Traditionally I’m not one to promote too much technology but I’m so thankful this technology does exist.

Sarah recommends…

#1 Fitbit wearable + app.


When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps are just the beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.

Why I like it:

Buying a Fitbit three years ago actually transformed the way that I approach my day, and my life so that I try and walk wherever I need to go. Now, I am going to have to reframe what a good day looks like while staying home… but this device is going to help keep me accountable, so that I move every hour throughout the day.

I also love the sleep functionality. I’m now much more aware of what my optimum sleep window is, so it means I prioritise sleep more as one of my wellbeing non-negotiables.

#2 Clarissa Lenherr Nutrition.


Clarissa Lenherr, is a registered and qualified Nutritional Therapist who I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing (for one of our blogs). She is passionate about educating people to discover and celebrate nutritious food, enabling her clients to utilise and benefit from food and lifestyle choices in order to reach their optimum state of wellbeing.

Why I like it:

Well firstly Clarissa is a lovely, friendly and engaging person who you can’t help but be charmed by. Her Instagram account is packed full of really inspiring content, and she shares advice as well as great recipes regularly. One of my favourite recipes of hers is for healthy brownies made with avocado and black beans… they are delicious!

She is also running a series of webinars over the coming weeks on nutrition subjects such as:
– Food & Mood – how to support anxiety and mental health through nutrition
– How to stay healthy working from home
– Good Gut Health 
– Sleep Health – Improve Quality & Quantity 

Follow Clarissa here to find out when these will take place.

#3 Action for Happiness.


Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society. In their own words: “We want to see a fundamentally different way of life – where people care less about what they can get just for themselves and more about the happiness of others.

“We bring together like-minded people from all walks of life and help them take practical action, drawing on the latest scientific research. We are  backed by leading experts from diverse fields including psychology, education, economics and social innovation.”

Why I like it:

Well their raison d’être says it all… a charity aimed at building a happier and more caring society is enough for me. They have 10 principles for happier living, things we try to adopt in our own work, and they’re things we can all try and adopt over the coming days and weeks to help us get through these challenging times.

They share great resources, put on fascinating events in different regions (I’m hoping these will go virtual over the next few months) and are supported by some inspiring people – their patron is The Dalai Lama.

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