Training, Development + Coaching

Immersive + impactful

We run immersive wellbeing training aimed at managers, teams or individuals who want to gain insight, understanding and tools to help them – and those around them – cope better with the inevitable pressures that work and life put upon us.

Our training sessions can be tailored to specific requirements but they typically start at 45 mins (webinars) and go up to half days (with breaks).

Attendees will leave with knowledge, awareness and a toolkit filled with wellbeing hacks to help them “stress less and smile more” from day-to-day.

Pick and mix based on your training needs from the following 8 modules covering a variety of topics focused on building the mental and emotional resilience and empathy of your people through challenging times:

Topics include:

Finding Balance

Introducing the principles of wellbeing to inspire sustainable behaviour change now and always.

Managing Change 

How to take control, remain motivated and positive through challenging times of change.

Building Resilience 

Learning how to build resilience in order to better cope with the day-to-day pressures of life.

Connecting Teams

Fostering empathy, vulnerability and compassion, the key ingredients to high performing teams.

Finding Focus

Optimising time + focus in a world filled with distractions.

Meaningful Tech Connections 

Exploring our relationship with technology and its impact on our focus + performance.

Stress Less, Perform Best 

How to find flow at work, understanding that not all stress is bad stress.

Energy Management

Discover individual energy needs and those of others to optimise day-to-day focus and team performance.

If you would like to hold one of these sessions or are interested in another wellbeing topic, contact us for a chat.