Movement Experiences

ENERGISING CLASSES for mind and body

Our workouts combine movement and mindfulness and have been scientifically designed to help reduce stress and re-engage focus.

From 30 minutes long, these classes have been designed for those on a busy schedule – the optimum length and benefit for healthy hearts and minds –¬†ideal for both in or out of the workplace.

Choose from the following four experiences. We can also offer other bespoke movement+mindfulness sessions so if there’s something specific you’d like, we’d be happy to create something for you.

Scan + Unwind

A relaxing seated session incorporating gentle, unwinding movements.

Scan + Uplift

An energising seated session incorporating gentle movements.

Stretch + Chill

Stretch out the body and chill during this calming mindful movement experience.

Strength + Chill

Get heart rates rising in this class for all fitness abilities, ending with a moment of relaxation to calm and focus the mind.

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