Movement + Mindfulness

Move More Mindfully with us

We have six real-time videos to follow on our YouTube channel which combine 8 minutes of movement and 3 minutes of mindful relaxation – a winning 11 minute combo to set you up for success, all easy to do from home, with no fancy equipment needed!

Both movement and mindfulness are two natural antidotes to the build up of everyday stress.

As little as 8 minutes of getting your heart rate up in a day has health benefits, and 3 minutes of mindful relaxation is as little as it takes to bring a sense of calm and focus during the day.

Don’t just take our word for it, both movement and mindfulness are well-researched ways to reverse the effects of stress, relieving the symptoms of anxiety and generally helping you to remain healthy and resilient, especially important at times like this.

Mindfulness experiences

You can sample some of our guided mind relaxations below.