Wellbeing at work – a case study in success

POINT3 Wellbeing has been supporting Crescendo Tailored Events with an on-going wellbeing programme for their team (of now 10) since December 2018 when the initiative launched at the company’s year-end off-site meeting held at Goodwood Hotel.

Read all about the programme and its success in event industry publication Meetings and Incentive Travel magazine here.

The 2019 wellbeing programme that continues to be delivered by POINT3 Wellbeing includes a mixture of workshops around different wellbeing topics (from goal setting to stress management and the value of communities), and a few “surprise and delight” moments, as well as regular fortnightly email check-ins with wellbeing themed blogs, and inspiration to help keep the teams’ wellbeing at the forefront of their minds day to day and week to week.

Throughout the 2019 programme POINT3 has been measuring the impact on the team’s perceived levels of stress and happiness, and overall wellbeing – the mission of POINT3 Wellbeing is to “help people stress less, and smile more” so perceived levels of stress and happiness are one of the key measures of success for the company.

Through fortnightly check-ins, a quarterly and half-year review and impartial interviews with an independent consultant mid year, the main themes that have come out of the feedback are as follows:

  • The teams perceived levels of stress have lowered from an average of 8 out of 10 in December 2018 to 5 out of 10 in July 2019, demonstrating a huge shift from fairly high levels to much lower levels
  • The teams perceived levels of happiness have increased from an average of 6 out of 10 in December 2018 to 8 out of 10 in July 2019, again a positive shift

But don’t just take our word for it… here are a few testimonials from some of the Crescendo team who are beneficiaries of the POINT3 Wellbeing programme:

Susannah Homan, Account Director said:

“Since our very first session in Dec 2018, POINT3 Wellbeing have continued to motivate and inspire us all to be our best selves – in mind, body and soul!

With fortnightly email check-ins and quarterly workshops, there’s no escape! We are constantly reminded to put our wellbeing first, aiming to be happy, healthy and thriving – a POINT3 mantra!

Working with POINT3 is a generously-supported work initiative but the skills and strategies apply to life. Their workshops symbiotically combine mindfulness and movement with topical, relevant wellbeing themes that are always well researched, brilliantly delivered and brimming with truly eye opening content. Ultimately, how do we stress less and perform best using tools to optimise performance. Themes are always backed by science (the science of flow, the science of tribes) and tasks that reinforce the message.

Short term and long term goal-setting also brings surprising initiatives to the table. Focusing on values, being guided on how to ‘own the day and the night’, moving more and being more mindful and therefore present in the day are all hugely beneficial techniques. The beauty is that these apply in the workplace and at home, and suddenly you find yourself ‘breathing’ at the traffic lights!”

Shaneen McEvoy​, Event Manager said:

 “What this process has done is to make us all more aware of our state of mind in any given situation and also to take stock of what is happening around us, how we are affected, and by using simple techniques, how we can change things for the better”.

Kate White​, Senior Event Manager said:

“It is amazing to be part of a company who has the forethought to bring Point 3 into our lives to help with the stresses and toils of our working and personal lives.  The sessions have been enjoyable, thought provoking and extremely beneficial. Having Point 3 there to support us, show us tools and methods to help understand our situations and make our lives smoother  has been priceless. There are many positives that I could share but the main one for me is the sharing amongst work colleagues and how this has benefitted our working lives.”

Russell Allen, Founder said following one of the workshops:

“I found the content absolutely stimulating and bang on where we are right now as a business. For someone who finds it difficult to keep rooted in a meeting room for any length of time I was totally captivated by the graceful way you navigated such stimulating and interactive content. Can’t wait for the next ‘intervention’! You guys really are the 21st Century version of the medicine men! (or women) Love it!”

As we near the end of the 2019 programme, POINT3 are in the process of developing the 2020 content in partnership with managing director Julia Phillips, and incorporating feedback from the team in terms of how they’d like to see the programme evolve. Building on the foundations laid in 2019, year two aims to provide more opportunities for the Crescendo team to develop together as a high performing team, as well as provide them with more tools for personal growth.